Hommalinna is two apartment holiday house in the Southern Enontekio, just next to Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. The cottage is made of massive, hand carved logs. The interior breathes high quality handicraft. The loft stairs and kitchen fittings are unique carpentery. High inner roof with indirect led lightning emphasizes the beautifulness of wooden surfaces.

The property has two 45 sqm apartments. Both apartments have a bedroom for two, spacious loft for 2-4 persons, combined living room and kitchen, a bathroom with shower cubicle and spacious hallway to store outdoor gear. Across the yard is sauna with wood fueled stove, wood storage and carport for two cars. Kitchen is well equipped for easy cooking.

Through the windows of living room and bedroom opens nice scene to Pallas mountains and a little lake nearby.

Come and enjoy the five seasons of Northern Lappland: Springtime when the nature gets awake after long winter, summer with nightless night, autumn colors, midwinter polar night and aurora borealis, late winter skiing season with white snow bright days.

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