The charm of the fells

Hommalinna located halfway of the Hetta-Pallas mountain chain, in southern Enontekiö. Next to the cottage lies a little lake, Hommajärvi, and a magnificent mountain scenery opens behind the lake.

In Pallas mountains the altitude differences between  the mountain peaks and surrounding landscape are greatest in Finland. The peaks of the mountains extend to a height of 700-800 metres, and the peaks draw an irresistible attraction.

“On the mountains I have to go, the blood pulls there….”

The verses of Finnish poetic, Yrjö Jylhä, rises often in the mind, when the magic of Fells makes me again and again pack up the backpack, put the skis to the feet and start skiing towards the white, round shaped peaks.

Or, in the springtime, marvel the flowers growing up and opening brigt colored blooms just after the snow melts. In the summer, listening to the arctic birds, and sometimes mosquitos, that although at the windy top, are often quiet.

And in autuum, the twigs and flowers on the fells burst into incredible colour, until the first snow covers the fall colors.

The backpack should always be packed with some extra clothing and eating. The weather on the fells changes rapidly and it’s wise to be prepared for the fact that the magic of the fells will attract longer than you planned.

The dawn and the evening colours sometimes cause the fells glow in incredible shades. Not to mention the blue twilight of polar night or the Northern Lights above the quiet peaks in the hot freezing temperatures.

Here are some tidbits from the slopes of the fells and the Lakeside of Hommajärvi and Vuontisjärvi.

IMG 20160326 WA0009 1 - LandscapeNammalankuru in winter. Soon it will snow!

WP 20140324 001 - Landscape

IMG 20150405 WA0010 - LandscapeSkiers dreams come true: Draw new track into soft powder snow. The slopes of Pallas are sufficient, and off-pistes can also be reached from the ski-lift, of course you can also skin further to find the perfect powder.

altAuoqWff CJ3PdZ2rzE H01o1xQ5uHcwn hq7muakUV1g - LandscapeThe lake Hommajärvi in winter.

IMG 20161029 WA0007 - LandscapeBehind Pyhäkero rises Taivaskero, the highest peak of Pallas. The photo is from October 2016, when the first snow covered the peaks with white veil. Pictures are from the parking lot of the Pallas Valley midway from Raattama to Pallasjärvi. Many times this has been the place to say goodbye to these landscapes at the begininning of travelling to home.

IMG 20151024 WA0002 - Landscape

IMG 20160721 WA0012 - LandscapeIn June and July the sun shines through the night and the fells glow in different shades of green.

IMG 20160805 WA0002 - LandscapeThe cool evenings in August will make the mist rise above the lake. Summer turns into autumn.

IMG 20151024 WA0009 - Landscape

Evening and Morning  glow on lakeside. You can also enjoy this kind of glow from the cottage window. Many times that brilliance forces you to pull the shoes on your feet and run to the lake shore where the trees do not disturb the views.

IMG 20151018 WA00051 - Landscape

IMG 20151018 WA0006 - Landscape

The Northern Lights above the mountains.

altAjg8 28qaHLY9vyIIwWyE3EcnR0Hh2SqQ5IlezMKWb0s - Landscape